Nike - College Football Playoffs

For this years College Football Playoffs we created various stings featuring Nikes Football uniforms. The same animations (along with various print versions) were created for all teams taking part in the College Football Bowls and Finals. The basic idea was to have the top teams starting out in their normal Nike uniforms, transforming themselves more and more as they go closer to the big final game until they reach the full crystal glory as the grand winner.
We started with production way ahead of the playoff season so we had to prepare assets for all finalist candidates. We had eight different uniforms ready of which we used the four that made it into the National Championship. As we had a briefing for 14k print renderings in addition to the animation we made sure that details hold up in high res and close up.
Here's the uniforms of the teams that made it to the last round as well as 100% crops of the details we put on. This was done using ZBrush and hand modelling improving on a rough base photoscan of an outdated last seasons uniform.

This thing is a pure Houdini beauty, transforming an arbitrary geometry first into a pyramid crystal shape and then back to a glass sheet version taking all surface attributes like UVs or material seperations along the way. Redshift was used as the renderengine of choice.

On our quest for a sporty, non-jewelery kind of crystal diamond look on the Nike uniforms we went through a few iterations. Here's what we came up with on the way.
// Credits

Client: Nike USA Inc. | NABD
Producer: Ashley Bay
Design Director: Noah Wilson
Director: Christian Tyroller
CD+TD: Manuel Casasola Merkle
TD: Achim August Tietz, Moritz Schwind

Effects Lead: Moritz Schwind
Modelling Leads: Jens Kindler, Lars Korb
Shading / Lighting Leads: Leo Akinbiyi, Matthias Zabiegly
3D artists: Matthias Lein, Christoph Ott, Sven Mai, Stefan Voigt, Felix Wolf, Ondrej Zunka

Compositing: Tobias Müller
Print Retouch: Elisabeth Schlichtner, Matthias Zabiegly
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